Cars, prices on the rise for the new. The used ones fall

Increase higher than the rate of inflation for new car prices (1.7%) and maintenance costs (1.1%) in the first six months of 2018. The situation of the second-hand market is different, with a fall in prices 3.1%. The growth trend in spending on the purchase of a new car and the repair of vehicles continues unabated. According to the ISTAT price indexes developed by the Autopromotec Observatory, in the first six months of 2018 the prices of new cars in Italy increased by an average of 1.7% compared to the same period of 2017, an increase therefore well above the average level of consumer prices that was 0.8%. Again with reference to the first half of 2018, the prices for car assistance services also increased compared to the first six months of last year, an increase of 1.1% on average.. On the other hand, the situation of the prices of used cars is quite different, which, in the same period, recorded a drop in prices of 3.1%.

Rising prices for the new. The used ones fall

A variation, analysts explain, naturally linked to the evolution of the economic situation. ” For the new car, the recovery underway is allowing the sector to recover the sacrifices made, also in terms of prices, during the years of the crisis that we are leaving behind. The second-hand market, on the other hand, is returning to more normal price levels after the strong push to prices that the sector had had during the crisis, as more and more potential buyers of new cars were turning to the second-hand market “. As for the assistance, underlined by Autopromotec, ” the good moment also allows many drivers who in the past had postponed the maintenanceto carry them out, even for the benefit of safety and the environment ” . Still on the subject of assistance, the data processed by the Autopromotec Observatory also show the price dynamics of the various items that make up the sector, highlighting that since the beginning of the year the sector with the greatest growth has been that of maintenance and repair of private transport vehicles ( + 1.2%). The prices of car tires (+ 0.8%) , those of lubricants (+ 0.7%) and those of spare parts (+ 0.6%) were more contained auto car cover .

Here are the three biggest false myths of automatic guided vehicles:

Driverless cars are not safe and require the passenger to remain vigilant at all times to regain control

If it is true that for some “semi-automatic” cars the passenger must remain vigilant, so that he can regain control of the vehicle in certain situations, this does not occur for totally autonomous cars. These automobiles, known in the industry as autonomous level 5 vehicles , will eliminate all the elements of human error and allow the passenger to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Experts expect this to become reality in the next ten years. This level of security will be enhanced by the development of increasingly sophisticated vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). This technology allows cars to communicate with other cars, constantly exchanging data to prevent collisions. With the growth of the Internet of Things, vehicles will begin to communicate with sensors embedded in traffic signals, traffic lights and the roadway itself (V2X communication).

Automatically guided cars do not work in adverse weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions are a significant challenge for automobiles because they can not perceive the surrounding world, especially other moving objects, during snow or rain storms. For this reason, most of the initial tests took place in places with favorable climatic conditions, such as California. The solution of the first hour was to develop the ability to forecast weather in cars, so that drivers could plan ahead and avoid the use of self-driving vehicles in conditions of poor visibility. However, companies are already beginning to develop technologies that will allow autonomously driven vehicles to be safe in all weather conditions. Google has developed software that allows its cars to determine the severity of the rain and to drive, therefore, with more caution when visibility is poor. He is also working on a technology that allows the car to approach in case a storm becomes too strong. In early 2016, Fordwas the first company to test an automatic snow machine. This was possible thanks to the high resolution 3D maps processed by the vehicle to drive in favorable climatic conditions. The maps record the directions, the curvature of the road and the points of reference that the vehicle can use later to identify its position in case of bad weather. After locating, the car can continue by referring to the map.

Cars with automatic driving are easily accessible by hackers

It is not just autonomous vehicles that are at risk of hacking. Today most vehicles are equipped with computerized elements and many with Wi-Fi as standard. Information security is an ever-increasing challenge. As the computer companies have long ago guessed, the best defense is to allow researchers to attempt hacking, to simulate all potential dangers and, on this basis, to improve software. It happened last year, when researchers found a flaw in the Jeep Cherokee system , which allowed hackers to turn off the engine while the car was moving. The defect was quickly corrected. In a sense, driverless cars are safer than traditional Wi-Fi systems. It is much more difficult for a hacker to overcome an entire system, given the complexity of these systems. The autonomous vehicle network that allows a driverless car to make decisions is more resistant to attack, as the system does not have to blindly trust a sensor that is providing information that is very different from the others. A potential hacker must then falsify all the sensors simultaneously or take control of the central processing unit. Given the criticality, security engineers are able to focus on the protection of the central processing unit, significantly improving the possibility of effective protection.

SAN MICHELE SALENTINO – Occasions, shows and entertainment. In short, the proposal for the 2018 edition of the Fiera di San Michele Salentino, the most important event in Puglia in the sector. The event, organized by Gestauto Group, a consortium of nine well-known local retailers, will be held from May 30th to June 4th in the Pip area. The event, now in its fourth edition, has registered since 2015, the year in which for the first time the idea of ​​a group of entrepreneurs became a reality, with interesting growth margins, both in terms of participation of exhibitors and according to the number of visitors. The Car Fair of San Michele Salentino has, in practice, all the cards in order to become a reference point for lovers of four wheels in southern Italy. Moreover, San Michele Salentino, not only at the provincial level, is considered the home of the occasion car. The Gestauto consortium has been operating in the area for years to ensure a safe used, with guaranteed mileage / certificate thanks to strict checks on the cars. Reliability, in short, is the password. The nine retailers of Gestauto Group, in fact, undertake to comply with a code of ethics, in terms of behavior and services offered, for the exclusive benefit of customers. Last year the visitors, who exceeded 30 thousand, appreciated the quality of the offer and the seriousness of the dealers. Also in 2018, as in previous editions, there will be more than 1000 cars on display, chosen to satisfy all needs and budgets. The Auto Fair is not only an event for those who have to buy, but it is an opportunity for families to have fun as there are interesting entertainment initiatives. This is one of the novelties of this year. On June 1, starting at 20.00, the Filarmonia Orchestra will perform, while on June 2nd the well-known comedian Uccio De Santis will be a guest at the Fair. The event will close on June 3 in the presence of Mercedes Henger who will be entertained with visitors starting at 18.00. Afterwards, at 20.00, the Fashion Fashion Green show will be held.

But the surprises are not over yet! Starting this year, the event will enjoy a gastronomic setting. In fact, every evening, in the context of a Salottino del Gusto, it will be possible to appreciate the local specialties, recipes of the local tradition. Do not miss the hamburger “reinterpreted” for the occasion in an absolutely original key. Finally, but not least, a children’s area will be set up, a fun park to allow even the little ones to spend a few hours of healthy fun. The Municipality of Milan has decided to limit the circulation of diesel cars in an important and significant way starting from 2019. Dear Mayor Hall, beyond demagogy and presumed ecologism, we see right, putting serious, real and concrete questions on the table; always that pollution is really the reason for this decision. So let’s start from an established fact, that is that, a kilometer traveled, a mega-cruise ship pollutes as 5 million cars (read well, it’s not a mistake: five million). Just like 1 million diesel cars, those with a lower tonnage. Now, the Mayor Sala wants to block the diesel cars to traffic, without taking into account that:

1) pollution has no boundaries, it is not that blocking the circulation of diesel cars throughout Europe (and Milan is not as big as a Continent) something is achieved;

2) it would be enough to block the mega-cruise ships and would have better effects and worldwide compared to the diesel block;

3) I understand that it would not be the game of car manufacturers, since people are forced to change cars and that the lie is likeable, you do it for the environment;

4) but if it is not a lie, that you do it for the environment really! and then block the mega-cruise ships now and immediately!

Dear Mayor Hall, I know, my proposal is not demagogic and does not interest the automotive industry but, surprise !, would help the environment really.

Electric cars: the future of BMW

“Aces” is an interesting word game, from English “Aces”, meaning excellent people in their field. But automobically speaking, it is also the acronym with which the BMW group has summarized its future strategy . Also from the English language, are the initials of the words Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared, referring to the car of tomorrow: autonomous, connected, electric and shared. The electric carsthey are the fundamental piece but not the only one. These are therefore the four cornerstones around which the entire industry of this sector is now rotating. Except for some niche manufacturers, everyone, but everyone, is investing or allocating money and human resources in the development of tomorrow’s mobility. We are talking about several billion euros and thousands of people.

Discover all the offers to buy your next car

We have to use the term mobility , because according to almost all the professionals in the coming years, the business model will no longer be focused on the simple production of vehicles. The builders are preparing to enter the colossal market of ancillary services related to the use of the car, in which the purchase will play an increasingly less central role. There is talk of a river of money to which everyone tries to draw from the best positions. Consequently, unless the forecasts are not catastrophically incorrect, the public will also have to adapt to living with this transformation . Knowing more can certainly help us to better understand a near-range revolution that led to the transition from equestrian to horsepower much more than a century ago. The BMW Technology Workshop , an informational path with the press that the Italian branch of the German company has held in these days in the San Donato Milanese headquarters, is part of this perspective . Obviously Giugiaro was responsible for ninety percent of his life of self, but it is right in the creative process, the secret of his success. “In the 50s – explains the designer – the architects did not have great opportunities to make fascinating constructions, but they had to find a way to express creativity in an industrial context, and in those years I was included in the automotive world to do an experience in a sector that was no longer dominated by engineers, technicians, but also by those who created beauty.